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Muntasir Mahdi is one of the best marketing, sales and content expert in Bangladesh.

He trained more than 17000 elite students.

Muntasir Mahdi's SMMA course is the FIRST Bangla course on social media agency.

Muntasir Mahdi created the BEST copywriting, sales and content writing courses in Bangla language.

Muntasir Mahdi is two times Rokomari best selling author for his books;
Digital Marketing-e Hatekhari &
Brainfluence: They Psychology of Marketing.

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Muntasir Rahman Mahdi is the founding editor of the first Bangla subscription-based magazine, Risalah.

Risalah is a weekly subscription-based online magazine on content, business, marketing and sales.

Today 1000+ subscribers, reading every weekly copy of Risalah Magazine.

Muntasir Mahdi is also the founding editor of a free curation-based magazine, FCS.

FCS Magazine is a curation-based online magazine for content creators and thinkers.

Subscribe to FCS Magazine to get daily content creation tips and resources.

Muntasir Mahdi founded DAS, Digital Author's Society.

Digital Author's Society is a public community for digital authors and eBook writers. It is the first of it's kind.

Join DAS & learn how to earn money by selling your eBooks & digital contents.

Muntasir Mahdi founded Historic Domains.

'Historic Domains' collects premium domains and sell those domains to the highest bidder.

It's an online premium & antique domain auction house from where you can buy the legendary domains to become historic.